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At LOGIX, we believe everyone should be able to buy custom-quality, hand-built computers at highstreet prices, with a reassuringly-long 3-year warranty.

  1. Hand-Built
  2. 3-Year Warranty
  3. UK Customer Service
  4. All-Branded Parts
  5. Fully Tested

The LOGIX philosophy is simple - we design, build, test and pack every LOGIX computer to the standards we would expect if we were buying one ourselves. And we have EXTREMELY high standards.

We've been hand-building computers for over 10 years. Our engineers build each PC individually by hand, install and update any software (but NO bloatware), then test each one to make sure everything's working fine, so when you turn it one, it's a great experience from the off.

After all, you've chosen to buy a LOGIX PC over all the others you've seen, so you should be treated like royalty!

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